About us

Canada Multicultural Entertainment (CME), a Canadian non-for-profit organization was created Ontario International Film Festival with  intention to bring Filmmakers together through cultural events and create harmony between the Multi-cultures that Canada is blessed with.


ONIFF is an annual event that takes place every October in Toronto. It's a festival that gives independent filmmakers from different cultures and backgrounds, the opportunity to get known, learn and get acquainted with the industry to better integrate easily.

Any filmmaker from any culture in Canada or around the world, who is struggling  to have an opportunity to work in the film industry, ONIFF will help them to create their own films, and engage them within the global film industry.


ONIFF aims to recognize and reward the artistic talents of local, national and international filmmakers and artists around the world.



- Facilitate the integration of filmmakers and artists with culturally diverse backgrounds, by developing and refining their artistic practice;
- Train members to develop their knowledge through theoretical and practical sessions. 
- Enrich the artistic vision of its members through interactive gathering and mentoring by professionals.
- Raise the awareness of the importance of diversity and multiculturalism by offering human, material, resource and technical support to facilitate artistic work.